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I’m Herm a regular 45-year-old happy go lucky guy that enjoys living in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).  I have a gorgeous wife, three amazing children, a dysfunctional but loving extended family, and awesome friends.  Being a middle years Philadelphia public school teacher is GREAT because I get to work with beautiful, brilliant and resilient students.  I love teaching and building businesses on the side.  Moreover, I believe everyone has something valuable to teach or share on the internet. 

My Story

I have been teaching in urban areas since 1997.  Like many teachers that start out in public school in the first 7 years of a teacher, career is financially painful.  Unfortunately, a teacher with a young family has to work a full-time job, part-time jobs and simultaneously go back to school to obtain a Master’s + 30 credits to max out earning potential within the public sector.  I coached, ran after-school programs, sold alarms, and joined network marketing companies to earn extra cash. During those 7 years, my skills set improved by working with children and adults from vast backgrounds, reading personal development books, listening to audio books, attending seminars, playing Monopoly and surrounding myself with successful mentors and team-minded people.  In fact, I became a better husband, father, teacher, and businessman due to personal development.  As a result, my part-time spare time business income exceeded my full-time income as a teacher with a master’s degree.  After I was vested in Pennsylvania’s Employee’s Retirement System I resigned to pursue entrepreneurship on a full-time basis.  However, instead of working my business as a full-time job I continued to work my business as if I was part-time and that was a disaster because I did not grow my business.  Fortunately, a close friend shared my business success with his manager and instantly the door was opened for me to become a Primary Care Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.  Due to the leadership skills acquired through teaching, and personal development, I quickly moved up and became a Team Leader. Then I saw another opportunity and became a Specialized Cardiovascular Sale Representative for another company. However, the company I left while in sales training was bought out by the Pharmaceutical Company I just left.  Immediately, I was laid off with a hefty severance package that helped kick off my real estate business.  Life was bliss and at that time, I went to a Technical School where I advanced my skills by earning a Building Maintenance Diploma in which I learned basic plumbing, carpentry, electric and HVAC.  However, the Recession hit and my lucrative real estate business suffered terribly.  Those failures and successes in teaching, entrepreneurship, and corporate America were the best lessons in leadership and mastering myself.  Each lesson made me a better teacher and now I am equipped with practical experience to teach youth and adults students that desire to improve their position within blue to white-collar industries while developing a strong family.  


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